Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Creations

A busy Friday creating, after yesterday was taken away when my computer crashed. So I had it repaired (along with.. er-em, buying myself a half terabyte external hard drive to back up all my creative endeavors, precious files and exhausting long hours of work). 


Two newbies are up on Etsy now... I loved creating Le Petit Artiste which came into my head as I thought of landscape format books for a change.. which I might start creating. Best for me to start small...This is an adorable little book, quite rustic looking with an extra long chain, just over 18 inches, so you can draw in it while it's around your neck. 

I also created a lovely rich dark chocolate brown leather journal, with a piece of leather I've been saving for what seems like forever, it's gorgeous. Mottled, old, rustic and crinkly. 


I hope you are all well and enjoying my posts, I'll bring you another old journal entry soon....

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