Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year's Eve Giveaway

Yes, you read it write (like the pun?)
I couldn't quite help myself.

To celebrate 300 likers on Facebook, and 400 Etsy sales, I'm going to be giving away this sweet little journal! It's a lovely one, a miniature little doodler, for those little secrets lurking in your mind while you....

...Sip your long black in the local cafe, or sit under a tree in the park, or maybe the town square...You might be inspecting ants walking along a leaf, watching the tide wash over your toes, squinting at the sun, seeing your breath before you in the early morning when no one else is awake...chatting to the neighbours cats when no one can hear you, dreaming up schemes and how to execute them, leaping over stars in your mind and yelling hullabaloooo...

Hell, who knows? You can write it all down in this one. 
Little words though, folks. 
It's so much nicer. 
Really it is.
Small is beautiful.
I do make larger journals, and will be listing one tomorrow...

This lovely one measures 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches and is dressed in rustic, beautiful brandy brown leather with natural 'pleat' marks on the front. Remember those pleated pants from the 80s? Kind of like that but a bit nicer..

The first page features an Italian postmark stamp. To follow, you have with 88 sheets (176 pages counting both sides) of beautiful tea-stained sketching paper with a weight of 110gsm. 


It begins and ends with tea-stained Italian paper featuring Italian script, don't ask me what it says as I have completely no idea. 

But what do I have to do to win? 

1.  "Like" my Facebook page. (I'm going to check too!). You can do that here.
2.   Leave a comment below this post on my blog (not on the Facebook page), telling me why you want to win.

And you're in! I'll be selecting the winner on Sunday the 8th of January, so you have a week or so to get it together.

Happy New Year, my beautiful readers and likers. You're all friends in my book. Thank you for all your support and see you in 2012! (Tomorrow). so far away...

ps... this one of a kind, new little darling is listed on Etsy! It's one of my loved things at the moment. I wonder how long the affair will last?


  1. I would like, no wait, I would LOVE to win because after a stressful year from hell I think I need to start 2012 with something beautiful, something whimsical, something just for me..

    Love your work.. always!

  2. I would love to win your gorgeous little journal so that it can help me realize one of my New Year's Resolutions: to be more creative!

  3. I would love to win this tiny journal to write all my important thoughts for the year in. My birthday is 18 Jan and I would start then :)

  4. I would love to win your delightfully beautiful price of art to remind me of all the sparkling opportunities in our world- a great place to note these down:)

  5. I 'like' you already :-)
    Thanks for this great chance to win.
    Why would I love to win this fab journal?
    1. Cos winning is so cool
    2. I love journals, I have so many bits of paper with crochet ideas on them it'd be great to have them in one place
    3. I adore your creations :-D

    Good luck to all and a very happy new year xx

  6. I'll let you know that I would love to win your beautiful special journal even tho I don't fulfil the criteria - i.e. I'm not on Facebook and can't 'like' you even tho I truly do! It looks like a beautiful place for thoughts, for dreams and for wishes. Happy New Year!!

  7. Well I can't "like" you on facebook 'cause I don't have any facebook account, maybe this new year I would create one!
    Anyway I like your work very much and I'd like to win this Italian little beauty because it's skillfully and lovely handmade by you :D

  8. I am definitely a liker of your page, Etsy shop, Felt store, blog and all your beautiful handmade treasures. What is not to like about them?! I would love to win your giveaway just to hold such a beautiful piece of art.

  9. I would love to win this journal so that I can start journalling the thoughts in my head. Perhaps starting small will help me overcome any fears I have of filling the pages with something meaningful. I also would love to see your work up close.

  10. Katya Van AutgaerdenDecember 31, 2011 at 11:04 PM

    I'll write in it while sipping on a cup of spicy tea to unwind my mind, with my favourite pen. Petting my cat with the other free hand. Thinking of you and your special creations. It will definitely start my creative engine (I am a diesel). Your books invite me in. Into myself. Have a happy new year! We start to count down in 12 hours. Lots of love from Belgium all the way down!

  11. Wow, what a stunning wee handmade work of art, I adore it! I'm a Fb fan, etsy & felt fan as well. I'd LOVE to win this gorgeous journal to use with my vintage fountian pen & 'watermelon' ink I got for Christmas. Hmmm I think I'd use it as I pondered my thoughts and ideas for my ceramic designs... I just love treasures like this and would love to own one of your amazing designs xx

  12. P.s.Happy New Year!

  13. Of all the lovely thoughts, of all the finest days, even of all the saddest moments--there's always a small spark that sums it up and needs to be written down and treasured. In a treasure. The smallest secrets of our hearts would become art in such a journal. I would be honored to have it. May your New Year be filled with such special moments!

  14. I already 'Like' your page and would love to win this gorgeous little gem! I really love the rectangular shape and would so enjoy picking a theme of small drawings (maybe a leaf a page, or blossom per page, or mini-drawing of a tree per page) to fill it up throughout the year. Happy New Year!

  15. i feel utterly greedy leaving a comment here! but you know what ... if there was a journal that i would buy, it would have been one of yours. and if i didn't have to use all my etsy earnings paying credit card bills from the time when i had no work, one of your journals would have been mine. even so ... i feel utterly greedy coveting this little beauty ... but then again, it's the last day of 2011!! Happy New Year my fren :) and i would be the luckiest girl if you picked my name ;)
    Luthien :)

  16. Oh wow, the book is amazing! How can anyone not want to have it?! For its beautiful worn cover, for its delicious stained pages... and just for owning a piece of Bibliographica... I know I couldn't help entering the giveaway :) Congrats on the milestones and Happy New Year!!!

  17. Hey Louise!

    I have wanted one of your amber/brandy coloured journals for so long and the idea of watching ants march along bright green leaves resonates within me! I love your work and you deserve all of your sales because your journals are beautiful.

    congratulations, salutations and other things that rhyme,
    Ola Mosaku

  18. I'm already a facebook liker.
    I'd love to win, and use your journal, along with my favorite sepia-toned pen, to write my new life into being on your magic tea-stained pages! x

  19. oh, i'm here! I'm your friend of mini book, no? Like a "mini book women club" :-)

    I'd like to win: i've one ... i've the second on travel ... and now if i will have the third, my collection will be important :-)

    Happy new year my mini book friend!

  20. I'm a fan as you know :) And I think I should win because it's my birthday....haha. Love your work as always you are an inspiration.

  21. Oops! I commented in the wrong place, but I'm back!
    Your wonderful journal will give me encouragement as I begin making books and I will carry it with me for
    spontaneous writing of important words and doodles.
    Thank you for your blog. Edith Hope

  22. Because I love your journals, as you know only too well and I have yet to own a tiny one of yours!

  23. I have had a tough year, as so many others have, and am looking forward to a better year in 2012. You know that I love your work and always find it an inspiration, and the best gift I got last year for myself was one of your journals. The only thing that could top that is getting this one as a gift from you. Your kindness and creativity gives my heart wings, so thank you, Louise.

  24. I would love to win this delightful journal as in 2011 I have given away four unique stunning Louise creations. All of them have given great joy to special people in my life but I still coveted them all and could not resist unwrapping them prior to giving so I could see,touch and hold them!

    I cannot 'like' on facebook as I continue to resist this form of general broadcasting of personal infomation but I love your work and visit your shop and blog frequently.

  25. Would love to win this little journal.

    Hope this doesn't post twice. problems with blogger today?

    love your work.

  26. I would love to win one of your treasures, it might ween me off doodling in moleskines :)

  27. I would love to win this pretty little adorable- too much? not for me :)- journal to give it to my every beloved person in my life to write or draw me something in it *_*
    and just because I love it :)
    Good luck and craftings in the New Year, too!

  28. I would love to win this pretty little adorable- too much? not for me :)- journal to give it to my every beloved person in my life to write or draw me something in it *_*
    and just because I love it :)
    Good luck and craftings in the New Year, too!

  29. I would love to win for two simple reasons; the little journal is beautiful and it would add wonderfully to my little collection of beautiful things I now possess made by you!
    Happy New Year - keep up the amazing work!


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