Thursday, December 22, 2011

Newbies & Inspiration

I'm inspired by rustic metal things of late, and have been listening to tunes from the likes of Mongolia, Afghanistan, India, China & Turkey. It plays loud while I create and seems to have influenced me somehow. Trinkets and treasure sit before me, jump out at me and never fail to resurrect a longing in me... to make something that I haven't quite discovered yet...

The evolution of art is wonderful. Being an artist never has an end. There is always learning, discovering and finding ways to create. 

By clicking on each image or the title of the item will take you to the page where you can inspect, if you wish to do so.

More to come! I hope you are all enjoying the last frantic days before Christmas. 

Me? I'm switching off.



  1. These are just gorgeous, Louise! I love the added elements in metal, and especially love the Take Flight piece and Wearable Dragonfly. Great stuff. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing your work in 2012!

  2. Isn't it amazing the things that influence us at different times? I love that you immerse yourself in these things wholeheartedly and just look at the beautiful results!! I wish you a beautiful Christmas and New Year Louise, with time to reflect on the sights and sounds around you x


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