Monday, December 5, 2011

An Old Journal Entry, No. 2

This was written in 2004 while studying for my honours degree at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney, Australia. I lived across the street from University in a tiny little one room apartment with barred windows, in which I squashed everything I had.

That year I wrote a dissertation on 'Waiting' - the concept of waiting in itself. I spent a year wandering Sydney with my Rolleiflex Twin Lens Camera loaded with 25 asa Tech Pan Film (which records mainly blacks & whites and used mostly for scientific reasons). I chose this film for its simple views, seeing things in black and white without the grey tonalities - like a child, viewing things the way they are and not questioning (the greys) or analyzing (the greys)...

I saw and experienced many things that year which I feel changed my perspective of human nature and appreciation of what I have.


"...At 5:52 pm last evening, still in the city; a last minute dash to the Photo Store (Foto Riesel) for more film & negative sleeves. I chased light as it moved and manipulated itself on the city, rapidly dissipating as the short day became shorter. I was cold & had found myself in Pitt Street with inadequate light. So I followed light to where it flooded: Circular Quay.

   Performance artists, travelers, daily commuters, office workers seeking air; all were present in this wondrous light-filled sphere; and here I was, a static figure with Rollei, positioned and waiting for shadows to creep and light to move; people to turn a certain way. I saw so many different things in one spot and couldn't stop shooting - everywhere I looked I saw photographs and the feeling was nothing but pure; like a fresh splash of water on my face from the early morning KareKare stream...
   People didn't see me as they waited thawing in their sun-drenched spots, and I could stand right infront of them without so much as a glance. My last shot was of a lady reading who yawned after I had been standing infront of her for some time, I pressed my shutter and went forth to roll into the next shot but it kept rolling... and that was that... end of the film. 12 exposures."



  1. i truly enjoy your writings, reading this post you brought me right there with you, and i feel so calm now.
    thank you :)

  2. I know Sydney
    Love what you have shared here very much

  3. Wonderful images, Louise - you are an artist capturing magical moments...

  4. Wonderful images Louise - dramatic, mysterious and beautifully captured!

  5. I love how city streets and the diversity of people roaming them can be an artistic experience - just a matter of perspective. :)


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