Friday, January 27, 2012


This is the loveliest, cutest thing I have made in a while. I love it!


I used this image below, from a selection of images from Vaudeville. It's so fascinating to see all the fabulous theatrical acts of this time! I encourage folk to explore the era, especially if you love black & white photography of odd and eccentric things. You can read a good deal about it here.

I always loved the work of Diane Arbus, and was linked up to this theatrical era through exploring her work and other photographers before her time which may have been of influence.  

After scanning it from a photography book I have, I printed out onto some paper that is agreeable with my lovely patient printer, and hand antiqued it. 


  1. amazing craftsmanship my fren!!

  2. Oh, it is so scrumptious! Thick and delectable and I'm sure feels wonderful to hold!

  3. Love the leather and the depth of the book. Just gorgeous! It is very cute.


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