Monday, January 9, 2012

A Winner & Some (more) Newbies

Well I must thank all of you folk who entered my giveaway, what amazing comments came through, I will re-read them often! Thank you all for taking the time to enter, and don't despair as I'll be giving away other things in the future! I was interested in the fact that there were no males (that I detected) who entered.

Do you ever wonder what readership you are hitting? Male or female? I must admit most of my customers are female, but I get alot of males too, who like my books. I like to think they have an air of both sexes, and sometimes I just picture men with them. 

The lucky winner was Ngaio who is a very talented artist living on Waiheke Island, who I had the pleasure of living near to for a time, before I flew up to my treehouse on the mainland. Congratulations! Your book will be en route to you themorrow. I encourage you to see more of Ngaio's amazing work in her Etsy shop and 'Like' her Facebook page.

Meanwhile, I made a few new things today while listening to the radio and intermittent rain.


  1. Congratulations to Ngaio! What a luck!!!

    You know Lou, I've been thinking exactly the same thing about my books, most of my customers are female too, and the book I'm giving away right now is showing it (perhaps the wrong choice of endpapers...) Or maybe it is that women keep journals a lot more than men? I have no idea at all :)

  2. Yay! A worthy winner. Ngaio was so encouraging when I asked (on the www) about blogging. So pleased she has won your beautiful creation!

  3. I'm over the moon to have won. I'm certain it will force me (oh dear ;) to start a collection of your journals.

    My readership is also women but that makes sense to me because I make lace jewellery....which is rather feminine :)

    I think your buyers would be more evenly split L but it is interesting the way it all works out.

    I'd go sit by the letter box...but it's raining...a task for tomorrow perhaps :)

    Thanks for the lovely words everyone.

  4. Fab comp!
    I won't pretend I'm not a little jealous ;-)
    I think my readers are mostly women too, perhaps it's a reflection of the amount of craft type peeps who are women...

  5. Congratulations to Ngaio! Love the globetrotter piece.

  6. Popular giveaway! Well done Ngaio. Love the new work and yes I love the Globetrotter too. :)

  7. Congratulations to Ngaio!! My newbie favourite is "The Thought Garden Journal" - no surprise there. :)

    Best wishes for 2012. x


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