Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Deep Breath


here I am,
I am here.

life -
it just goes on,
it won't be the same,
but it goes on.

and well,
you've just got to roll
with the punches.

life is precious.

you know,
my Grannie wrote her autobiography before she died.
we all took part in bringing it to fruition.
my job was to scan loads of tiny little black and white photographs,
many of which were damaged,
bring them to life for printing in the book.

it is a wonderful, beautiful love story full of laughter.
i am so proud to be a part of her.
a part of this story.

many of us read the book to her when she could no longer see well enough
to read.
she loved it.

she would often close her eyes, and
just smile, 
taken back in time.

how precious,
to write about your life.

do it.

keep a journal.

start today.

along with our memories,
this book,
is the most treasured thing,
we have.

you don't have to be a writer.
you don't have to be shakespeare.

you are YOU.

and there is only one.

only one of you who can say how you see it,
how you do it,
even if it makes no sense.

it will, 
one day.

so forget about all that 'i could never write in that book' stuff.
just write.
and the rest will follow.

The moon is full,
sleep awaits...
the moreporks call...
the moon

is full.

as is

my heart.


  1. Thanks for this wonderful post, Louise. It gives something to think about.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing, it was beautiful and bought tears to my eyes. Thinking of you at this sad time x

  3. Louise....this is a beautiful and important post. Write it down....your life, your thoughts, etc. In this day and age when so much of our activity is done electronically, I often think about the end of our lives, much less the next generation's....will there be any tangible proof of our having lived....will there be any hand written letters, journals, anything written in our very own hand? Thanks for this post...thinking of you and the special time you had with your grandmother!

  4. Wow Louise, that's so moving.
    Your so inspirational and careful with your words, I can see why you create such delicate, beautiful diaries–It's in your nature.
    Thanks for sharing this xxx

  5. I'm copying your words in my mind and by hand, however poorly, to take them with me. You never cease to inspire. :)

  6. I am so sorry for your loss, Louise, and know that you will deeply miss your grandmother. What a wonderful legacy you helped her create - one that will bring comfort and joy to you as it did to her. Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories of her in such a gentle yet powerful way...I was reading this with tears running down my face.

  7. Dear readers, thank you so much for your warm, welcome and encouraging comments. They mean alot. Sometimes it is hard to write about such things on a blog, but I figured it's better out here than just in my own personal journal. As we all have a story to tell... and this is mine. I so appreciate your thoughts on my thoughts, so thank you again. xox

  8. sighhh that was such a good read that it convinced me enough to continue my unfinished scrapbook. that's also why i take photos and want to create photo books!


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