Thursday, March 22, 2012


I rummaged today.

Reached up into my shelves and pulled things down, inspected, put them back.

One thing stayed with me. 

I ought to have photographed it first, but didn't - which makes it all the more mysterious, in a sense.

I have a rather large collection of vintage book covers, from over several years. I decided that I'm being somewhat greedy hoarding them all so might begin on making some journals out of them. One of them got a good swipe of Stanley today. The sharp blade cut off a name that was hand tooled onto the cover, that I have saved for something else.

The enormously thick leather was wonderful to work with. I gave it a good going over with my protective delicious polish which deepened its colour and turned me into Homer Simpson in a donut shoppe.

There are 432 pages (counting both sides) of richly tea stained 100% recycled pages for hundreds of thoughts, observations, overheard conversations, love-sick poems and strange dreams. 

After all that I had a very yummy green smoothie made with frozen banana and a big helping of organic spinach freshly picked from the garden. 

I'm turning into a green monster. Maybe I already was a monster. Now I'm just green.

"Impressions" now listed on Etsy.


  1. I love it!! but anything with a western flair .. hits my heart strings!!!

    try spinach & pineapple .. yum!

  2. Wow, the patterning/tooling in the leather is just gorgeous.

    Not sure on your smoothie combo Louise - think I'd prefer to eat both things seperately!!

  3. That is gorgeous Louise! I love the curve of it and the colors and the patter and the paper used... love it.

  4. A favourite Louise - absolutely gorgeous!! I hope you've had a lovely long weekend :)


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