Thursday, March 8, 2012

To Love

The most complex and diverse emotions inside our souls, I believe, must be love.

We are fed by society what to expect of love; that it must make us feel like leaping over the moon, that the sun only shines for us, that it will be all roses from now on, that the honeymoon will last forever... this is all well and true for so long...but,

Love makes us sick, angry and tired.  It gets under our skin, and extracts our deepest fears, making us face the truth - the truth that we try so hard to ignore -

Love is not only of & for another, but a mirror of ourselves.

Love is a teacher.
It has an ebb and flow like the tide,
But one thing rings true,
Love is real.

We all fall for the idea of love, we fall inlove with love itself.

And when we really fall inlove, 
we are not prepared,
for the lessons it has to give.

It is the one thing that we live for, that gives us reason to do or be anything - it all comes back to love.

With all this in mind, I wanted to share one perspective of love, with you.

A recent customer of mine purchased this journal from me with an idea in mind. He and his love live in different cities, and only see each other every fortnight. Over a couple of months he had been sending her a long poem of love by text message, two verses at a time, every morning when he woke up. He would sometimes hide the verses of the day in gifts that he sent her. (tissues, anyone?)

He bought Weathered from me to write the entire poem down on the rustic tea-stained pages within, and the final verses that complete the poem's entire meaning. The meaning of which she only discovered upon receiving and reading the journal. 

This lovely romantic was kind enough to share the final images with me, and allow me to share them with you.


Spread the love, I say.

Thank you for sharing - you know who you are.

And if anyone else out there, wants to enlighten me with their Bibliographica journal pages,
by all means, please do so!


  1. Such a poignant article, thank you so much for your words and sharing his. It would have been lovely to see how beautifully one of your gorgeous journals was used. Stories like this help to beat back the cynicism that can creep up on us.

  2. How lovely to see one of your beautiful books being used in such an expressive and intensely personal way :)

  3. What a beautiful heartfelt story of love. It's wonderful to see your beautiful journal used for such a gorgeous gift xxxx

  4. What a beautiful story. I love that people continue to write by hand and use a beautiful handmade book like yours to express such heartfelt love. Thanks so much for sharing this Louise!!

  5. Kaz, Ella, Denise, Sarah & Patti - thank you for your lovely feedback and kind words! I'm grateful to the customer for sharing these images with me and making me think about what love is - a beautiful thing!


I love to read your comments & thoughts!

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