Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crazy Guy On A Bike

I had to share this - a recent customer of mine had a journal hand crafted by me, to take on his adventurous cycling trip across the United States. Having flown there all the way from Australia, he and his mate are just about to set off on their journey. On his blog he posted this image, of all his gear - and what do I see there in the pile?

See if you can spot it.

I love finding out what journeys my creations embark on - very, very special indeed! This one's going to get to see the Grand Canyon. How about that - and it beat me to it!

Best of luck to you, Shaun - safe travels!


  1. The adventures your journals go on! Fantastic :)

  2. wow!! i think your journal would have an adventure of a life time ... i want to be your journal!!

  3. Thanks for the mention Lou. I've been having a grand time scribbling my thoughts into my very special journal. I'm writing quite small so I think it will make it all the way across America and into Europe!

    I'm going to go rest my legs now :)

  4. Awesome, world journey by pedalpower! It will have some great stories to tell. :)

  5. what a great post - and I love that Shaun has commented on it, the journey continues on! Funny, I always imagine your journals open on a round table at a café next to a latte in a glass with a soft breeze stirring the pages. Yet when you see it here amongst this travel gear it makes as much sense as the café image. Beautiful as always x


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