Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Last of Easter

All the chocolate I indulged in was basically limited to buffing olde pieces of reclaimed chocolate brown leather - that's enough to make me drool! I came up with these last two creations and made the finishing touches yesterday.

I hope you all have had a fabulous Easter, whether you went away or hung about home. I spent most of it creating, finishing a project which I am looking forward to sharing with you soon! Very exciting news for this bibliophile.

Meanwhile, here are my two latest boho style books now available in my Etsy store.



  1. Beautiful books! I can't decide which to love more. They're both so special. xo

  2. Thanks so much Teo, your feedback is always greatly valued! :) x

  3. ....... delicious ........ ♦

    the leather is so gorgeous .. I wish I could feel it .. I bet it smells good .. mmmm .. love old leather!

  4. Just gorgeous and unique design features!! xxx

  5. I think my favorite is the lace ledger, divine!

  6. i really like that bird illustration you added in, gives it such a nice and warm touch x


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