Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Extra Virgin

Lately olive has been on my mind.


I keep encountering it.

After thinking, that I would like to use some olive coloured rustic leather that I have in my possession... that which I have not yet acted on.. the thought has materialised itself.

Olive has entered conversations, walked past me on the street (the exact olive in my mind), read about in books, and even right down to noticing a giant bottle of organic oil on my parent's pantry shelf (that I considered using as a massage oil).

And this morning, here I am in this treasury.

While I've been busy-ing myself with teal, my thoughts are dominated by olive. If I'd still been living on Waiheke Island I imagine I'd be surrounded by olive trees and probably become overwhelmed.

I shall have to get to work.

Extra Virgin (starring Bibliographica, as herself)


  1. It must have a meaning, probably that you should act upon that olive leather very soon :) Can't wait to see what magic books you create next! xo

  2. Indeed it does sound as if the Universe is trying to tell you something - look forward to seeing what Olive creation results!

  3. its a sign .. you must go to Greece ... ♥

  4. Beautiful rich evocative colour, that suits you very well.


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