Tuesday, May 29, 2012

La Bibliothèque en Miniature

Finally, it came to a head, and I completed this precious wee set of books for the obsessive bibliophile. I'd have finished it earlier had I got the measurements right, so as a result I have a few extra little books to be made into other libraries! Since I was using different types of leather which varied in thickness & weight, the books turned out to be longer or thicker than the next, despite being the same book block in the middle.

What a joy to have them all fit in there like that. 

When I was setting them up for their portrait, I heard them whisper and push eachother about, wanting to take centre stage. Of course the lighter brown ones got jealous of the darker one with embossing, since his coat's a little more on the fancy side. I got them to quieten down in the end, in favour of listening to my inner child...

To my surprise, I was suddenly in the skin of my 6 or 7 year-old self, arranging furniture in my dolls house or playing with tiny things. I remember a tiny porcelain tea-set for one, which I adored, creating tiny tea parties for my dolls. What thrills! And who knew it would rear its head again, 30 years later.

It's true, you really have to hold on to the things you love the most. Just because they are childhood dreams does not make them silly! **

**note: (...don't forget to write that in your journal...)

Now available on Etsy:  La Bibliothèque en Miniature



  1. a treat to immerse oneself in such exquisite writings. hope they keep whispering.........

  2. this is crazy business!
    Such smallness, like pixie books i n a treasure trove for pixie pirates.

    I admire your skill and patience. I failed book binding, despite three courses.

    I'll be pinning these images with links to you.

  3. Thank you so much for your comments! I love to get feedback on my work, it interests me what diverse perspectives people have. Thank you for the pin! :)

  4. Louise....this is just exquisite. Yes, calls up emotions of our childhood playing with tiny and intimate objects....these little books and their little box are so beautiful....heartbreaking in the most wonderful sense. A masterpiece....of course, all your works are tiny masterpieces! Cheers!

  5. so beautiful, and beautifully written as always. Your pics are truly fabulous - and don't forget to write your thought in your diary x

  6. Ahhh magical miniatures, and how perfectly they fit!


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