Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Own Private Narnia

after my feet sunk into the deep, damp dessicated rock
and sprung out again,

after the wild wind had beaten my face,
having me squint like a flock of birds,
flying south in a storm,

after inhaling the air,
seeing tiny things growing in obscure places,
miniature holes in the earth the size of my thumb nail, where
little eyes watched the human moas pass by

I walked under ancient bark,
cradled by this beautiful earth,
claws intact,

This ancient protective bark,
I walk under,
have walked under,
even before I could walk,

Protects me now as it did then.

Protects me as it always will.

Even though I live in the midst of native bush,
surrounded by ruru and tui,
there is nothing as centering,
as returning to the first nature one knew,
and remembered,
as true nature.

Thank you Karekare.


  1. Beautiful! You are a talented woman in so many ways!

  2. Gorgeous... poetic in words and image, a dream world in reality.

  3. Beautiful and evocative of a precious place! Deeply meaningful. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. What great way to spend a day off. You can feel the energy you responded to and the nurturing of the place. Hope it fills you for days to come. F

  5. beautiful
    nature has a way of focusing us
    bring us back to center

    thought provoking post
    I will read it again.

    have a most delightful creative week

  6. Beautiful imagery Louise :)


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