Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Artist's Tableau

I have created a couple of artist's journals with watercolour paper. I just adore working with this beautiful paper, as it has been a while since I had my fingers on it. A recent custom order brought this paper back into my life and inspired me to make more. 

When I first began really getting my fingers into experimental bookbinding in Sydney, (in 2004, while I was studying for my honours degree in photography at the College of Fine Arts), I took preference for watercolour papers. I have fond memories of spending a long time in Oxford Street Art Supplies, running my fingertips over various artist's papers and discovering them. I'd buy them in giant rolls and walk back to my flat with them tucked under my arm, feeling like I was 5 feet taller than before I went into the store.

What enlightened me most, was wanting to clone myself, and watch myself walking with the paper from afar. Armed and ready with Mr. Rolleiflex loaded with Agfa 25 film, I'd take a self-(once removed) portrait caught unawares. I'd pretend that I didn't know myself and wonder "what that girl might do with that giant roll of paper."

(From the life and times of me.)

I've made another one, in black, but could not photograph it last night as it was too dark. So watch the store for it to be listed later this evening.

Now available on Etsy:


  1. What a great idea Louise, real handy, water color paper, wow!!!
    cheers Marie

  2. What a wonderful story :) I would love to see those pics! The new journal is stunning!!! xo

  3. Thank you Teo! Yes, it would be nice to see such photos... don't you ever wonder, if someone is watching? :) Thank you for your feedback. xox

  4. Simply gorgeous! As usual the textures and materials you use are exceptional, love it!

  5. ....and I love the 3 "semeuse" french stamps :D

  6. Well that's not fair - now I want to feel the paper too!! Beautiful story which I can well imagine also :)


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