Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a lightness of being

blue on the mind,
remembering sunprinting,
creating cyanotypes in the darkroom 
sensitizing paper as a blind person
before emerging in the sunlight to make use of its
developing rays
watching in awe
as images emerged
before my eyes,
in my white, stained apron that i got for
$1.50 at the red cross shoppe.

last night,
i revisited the dark & light rooms which I so miss,
yet from the image bank in my computer,
beginning with photographs of plant specimens
and assorting them accordingly.

new work, is emerging.


  1. Lovely memories unfolded. Delicately resplendent.

  2. These are truly beautiful gentle.

  3. Thank you Teo, Pam Fiona & Denise for your lovely comments. :) I'm enjoying making this work and it's wonderful to get feedback for it.

  4. Exciting Louise - new 'old' discoveries, and aren't they gorgeous?!

  5. So beautiful Louise. The colour reminds me of hand dyed indigo fabric. I've finally finished you're treasure pouch. It will be on its way in a few days. xoC

  6. Thank you Mel & Chontelle for your comments! Great to get them as always. :) Chontelle, you must email me your address... :) x


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