Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Attracted to Light

Mr Moth has been sitting on my windowsill for so long, and must have enjoyed the view. 

He ended up dying there. 

I dare not move him, for like all the other ornaments on my windowsill, he likes to observe the tall Kauri and Ponga which watch him back.

It has occurred to me, of late, that I have a fascination for dead specimens, be it plant or insect. It might strike some as melancholic, but to me it is not. I can see how it might be however. I'm not quite sure what attracts me to these things. Somehow there is an innate beauty in form, that does not move. The life has lived through it, and left beauty in its wake.

It's not the same as something that never moved.

Like a string puppet which once bathed in all its glory, now sits on a shelf in an olde attic, 

covered in dust.

My macro and I, we like to watch, and wait.


  1. No, not melancholic - there is a life that has passed that you are still appreciating and respecting x

  2. preserved forever in your beautiful photography.

  3. I love the textures in your photography, this moth looks mineral, gorgeous!

  4. .. you have given this little moth dignity ... Xx

  5. I don't know what moves me more, the image or your words... I think most of all it is the way you experience life and its mystery. thank you for sharing this beautiful story! x

  6. Thank you Joanna, Pam, Lucie, Lisa & Stephania (such lovely names!) it's great to hear Mr. Moth was enjoyed by you all too. :) (He's still there...)


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