Friday, August 17, 2012

The Tartan Traveler

It's Father's day coming up, and I'm sure there are many Dad's out there who like to keep a journal. But even if this doesn't end up with a Dad, it might end up with a man, for I had this in mind when I created it. I'm proud of the fact that alot of my customers are men, or women buying for their men. I find men quite hard to buy gifts for in general, and it's nice to know I have created a little market for them with my journals.

I created The Tartan Traveler out of some rustic reclaimed burgundy leather which is very thick and hardy. It's fantastic to work with, and wonderful for blind tooling and stitching. There's no doubt this leather is wonderful for making travel journals with due to its durable nature. This journal measures 7 x 4 ¾ inches, and opens flat, so you can sketch, write or draw without having to hold it open.

Check it out HERE or click on any of the images to take you to my shoppe, where you can read all about it.


  1. I am sure that many men (maybe women too) would place it on the top of their wish list :) I love the folding of the cover and the dreamy hot air balloon theme inside. just wonderful!

  2. Thank you so much Stephania, I appreciate your feedback! I like this book alot. :)

  3. really love the patterns you have put together inside! makes me want to have it- even for a woman xx

  4. Thank you Galatea! This ended up being my 600th Etsy sale. And guess what - a woman bought it! :)

  5. Wow, these looks great!


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