Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Trading & Gathering of Things

Thanks to the Internet, a dear old University friend and I recently reconnected. I was thrilled to discover Chantelle's whimsical & beautifully curated blog The Wise Robin, where she shares the delights of life lived in Australia with her adorable little girl. I'm always intrigued and amazed at what these two get up to, each time different than the last. The consistency is daily walks, and the creating of things. I have to say this is one of my favourite blogs from my extensive lists of weekly reads.

I was so enchanted by an adorable 'rock pouch' which was featured in this post. After commenting that I wanted one, without intending to put on the pressure - what evolved was a wonderful little swap between Chantelle & I - a book necklace for a rock pouch.


This delightful hand felted treasure measures just over 2 inches wide at the top, and is perfectly shaped in a rounded V so to collect little rocks and stones (and fairy dust, I thought..) along one's walks. It is attached to a felt chain measuring 16 inches long, so you can keep it in full view and check on your little discoveries which you have placed inside. Just wonderful. Thank you C.

Here is my book necklace which Chantelle wrote about here.

Head on over to the Wise Robin for a richly warm & alluring read.


  1. I love this fairy necklace:) such a sweet story and exchange Louise... thank you for sharing it. x

  2. What a perfect treasure - I love the rich and beautiful blue, I love it's size so perfect for wee finds, and those little french knots/beads! Special.


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