Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Vagabond

It was in the making awhile, this one. I had the leather piece for another journal but then opted to change it for some reason or another. It was for a custom order and I had a feeling the leather was a little too on the straggly side for her journal. So, I set it aside. However, whenever it came into view, I'd get this little feeling inside me of wanting to use it, create with it, and make it something else.

I guess I felt in a way, like I'd let it down. I felt sorry for it, sitting there in a pile, with other pieces of leather yet to be used. 

But what about me?

Those of you who know me and how I work will be aware that I am unashamedly guilty of personifying my subjects. Whether it be a book, a piece of leather, an object, a flower or decaying leaf. We are all one, after all, is my belief, so this may stem from that.

Eventually it got the better of me, and I fell into absorption when I found that some paper I was staining fitted the cover perfectly. Everything else got pushed to the side. It was like I was in a tunnel with this creation, that I already knew I would call The Vagabond. And because of its name, I got break to all boundaries and then some.

I think I'm going to go ahead with more of this experimental work, for it was very well received. This book sold within 10 hours, and in that time accumulated 15 hearts. When I sent it off to the USA, I felt it smiling.

I look forward to making some crazy journals. 

Just for kicks. 

You can read more about the specifications of this journal HERE.


  1. Such a lovely piece - freshly made and yet already with a story and a soul...

  2. it is fascinating to follow this progress in your work. the more you free yourself from the rules and let your instinct direct your hands the more original and soulful are your creations. I am not surprised of the success of your Vagabond. I will look forward to more "crazy" journals :) x

  3. Thank you so much for your feedback! I feel like I'm getting this green light to make more expressive work. Thank you for the encouragement! :)


  4. Hi Loise,

    if we went to Paris you'd be snapping up the vintage leather things and bags with great hardware to recycle... so go!!!

  5. oh yes - the way things fall into place! This is so beautiful, and your joy was felt when it was received so well, most likely because it came from deep within your heart. Loving those little leaps into the unknown - let's face it, it's those risks that invariably pay off x

  6. What a great story and yes I'm sure permission is granted to go a bit crazy! It must have felt amazing to have this sold and loved so swiftly - well done!

  7. Denise - I've been to Paris and wouldn't even let myself go into shops!! I was too overwhelmed. I did buy a pair of shoes from a street vendor in Rue Mouffetard... and lost my leather cuff on the met so have to go back... :)

    Joanna - Yes, it seems you tapped into what was going on - the unknown does pay off for sure! As it comes out of your viscera (guts). :)

    Fiona - Glad you enjoyed the story and thank you so much for the encouragement!


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