Thursday, September 6, 2012

le chat noir

This is Mr. India.

He was born on April 1st, 1998. 

He often sits near me and watches me bind, tear paper and get tangled up in thread and little bits of fabric.

I'm sure he thinks he's a person.

And I'm starting to wonder, that underneath all that black fur, 

he probably is.


  1. I had a cat that looked just like him--and ironically, mine was named "indie" :) I miss that sweet cat, he was my buddy.

    Now I just have two dogs and one cat, all of whom keep me company during studio time--and at least thinks he's a human!

  2. :O) I had a black kitty like that a loooong time ago. He looks like he's waiting for his lunch.

  3. those eyes speak volumes ... ♦
    i'm thinking under all my skin is a cat ♥♥

  4. A beautiful pair of ice blue eyes and jet black fur - what a stunning cat you have!

    He looks like he has a super nice personality.

    If we had a garden and a permanent home we'd love to have a cat, some wise person-cat just like your India.

    ps. I don't know if you've seen this cat quip on Youtube or if you like these kind of things but it made me laugh :)

  5. How do you do Mr. India!
    My cat was born in 1998 too, she loves my studio too but hates when I'm hammering metal ;-)

  6. Erin - I call this one Indi too! How funny. Black cats are the best. How nice you too have studio company!

    Mary - He's ALWAYS waiting for his lunch!

    Lisa - Classic, I'm sure we all have a bit of cat in us! :) Sometimes I am jealous of his stress-free lifestyle.

    Aniko - I watched that video and it made me cry and laugh!! Just amazing! I shared it on Facebook. Thank you!

    Lucie - He too hates it when I am hammering. He doesn't mind the vacuum cleaner but when I get my mallet out he runs for the catdoor!

  7. He has a formidable life-force. Strong, vibrant, loving, soothing, ever-present.

  8. What a sweetie. Love to have a cat. Have dog who loves cats...but not in a good way. One day.

  9. Most definitely. Animals are people, too. My cat is absolutely my soulmate -- we're two manifestations of spirit together in this incarnation, he in his cat form, me in my human form.


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