Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lou & The Lines

The lines, and Lou.

Here I am again, tearing page after page,
making tea,
swishing my cylinder,
watching the paper, slowly
turn brown

and one by one,
carefully laying them out flat,
to dry,

returning later, to pick up each piece,
one by one,
then fold page after page,
and gather pages into sections,

and stack and stack and stack.

then tootle off down the hallway 
to the olde green press,
where they sleep awhile
on top of eachother,
a way to get them up close and personal -

for the energy in the pages,
will filter through
to the writer,
they are yet to meet.

i love making journals.

here is a new one. It has 576 hand-torn, tea-stained lined pages.


  1. A peaceful endeavor so nicely described. Warm and lovely.
    Beautiful journal. Your work is wonderful!

  2. Beautiful poetry for this awesome work, love them both!

  3. What beautiful tooling on the cover of this journal Louise and reading this I can picture tea stained paper everywhere drying - you mustn't be able to move sometimes!!

  4. Thank you Mel! This journal sold last night. :) It took me a while to do it, but I love to hammer things - lets off some steam! ;) I have a special allocated spot to tea-stain, luckily, although it is temporary...

  5. It's a wonderful life to be able to do something you love like this - I really enjoyed the view of your studio from you words...

  6. Fiona, you are so right. I always used to think I had to be in an 'office' shuffling paper of some sort that had no meaning for me. I appreciate your words! :)

  7. Your lovely work just gets better and better Louise - love this journal!!


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