Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Words in the Wings

I've just completed this journal, after several days of preparing the elements. It's made with very rustic, reclaimed leather which I have hand embossed and added a myriad of little blue stitches along the spine & front cover flap. Inside, you'll find a mix of vintage ink stamps with a wings theme, featuring dragonflies & butterflies, along with several miniature vintage glassine envelopes to add what you will. 

I've made a few journals with this theme but each one has always turned out different than the last, in its own unique way. I love the spontaneous effect of tea-staining, and the irregularity of the pages.

I've got new sections in my store now to help people find what they are after. This one can be found under my 'Ephemera Journals' section, which has four books in it at present. More will be added as they are made!


  1. Loving things with wings! It is these special little suprises you add to your journals that make them so unique and heartfelt :) I wonder what little treasures will be put by the owner in the wee envelopes?

  2. i would love to look through your collection and see if you have any items that can be used as wedding party favors?

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  4. Very beautiful journal, I adore the envelopes! Wings are light and free. xx


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