Thursday, November 29, 2012

random thoughts

driving in my car
the other morning,

i passed a thrift shoppe adjacent to a school... 
stuff spilling out of boxes, 
racks of used clothes, 
piles of this,
and that.

i saw an elderly Asian man
dragging a large wooden chest of drawers across the street, 
which might have been bigger than him,
had he laid down
beside it.

i imagined him later on that day,
dusting it off in his house, 
filling the drawers with his belongings,
putting trinkets and photo frames
on the top.


thinking back, I ought to have gotten out of the car,
and helped him.

but maybe he'd liked to have just done it himself.

Just because someone is olde, 
doesn't mean they are slow or weak.

later that evening, 
sitting at the computer about to download some images
 of journals 
i had created,
i looked out the window 
to see a furry sleepy-like fern,
watching me.

when you are watching someone,
someone is watching you.


  1. Beautiful poetic thoughts... so true too xo

  2. Beautiful the stories you can dream up just by observing and then wondering :)

  3. Love your musings... Gorgeous pic :)

  4. I always love reading your random thoughts :) Things that we might have felt before but can't put out in such a beautiful poetic form. Love xo

  5. don't you just love beautiful words really ought to write a book..

  6. I loved the last part - how often do I enjoy watching somebody watching somebody else? You know, the boys when a good looking woman walks by or a parent watching their chid...watching others watching is quite fascinating and revealing...

  7. Your work is all so beautiful. I love your words and your images. And all of your wonderful books... simply stunning!


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