Friday, January 25, 2013

A Misty Morning, A Sunny Afternoon

So it happened that my little necklace was featured in this exquisite treasury made by my dear friend Lucie. I just had to share it! What a beautiful collection, you must all agree. Lucie is quite the talent at curating these things. Along with all the divine treasures in her store.

And I must share, of yesterdays afternoon walk, 
which is taken daily before returning home. 
I usually run in the moming and am often quite inside my head,
speeding past things, watching out for cars, 
and trying not to slip on loose stones or uneven terrain. 

Nevertheless, this is certainly a meditation for me. 
When I walk in the afternoon, it's much more of a quieter meditation. 
I look around me more intently at nature and her wondrous evolution.

Yesterday afternoon, late in the day, 
despite passing the usual cluttered amount of roadworks, 
machines, trucks and cars, 
I made a point of looking up, and above... 
and in doing so, 
could see beyond.

I thought about the things I have encountered in my life,
the ups
the downs
the tests of the universe
and how I handled them.

And I said to myself,
I'm still here!

Any negative thoughts that seem to break up into little armies 
and collect in your head,
travel around your body and try to win you over,

Can no longer be found.

On my walk, I encountered...

the birthing of new buds, surrounded by purple & yellow flowers,
baby figs and apples growing on trees,
the vast, sweeping blue sky above me
all the while, 
a monarch butterfly danced around me,
me, the little human, 
wandering this incredible burst of wonderment
which is Earth.

Here i am,
here I am,





  1. I love this poetry, the wondrous power of nature to inspire all that is good and beautiful and loving. The enlightenment of renewal.

  2. What a gorgeous poem you wrote!!! I'm touched! Thank you my friend!

  3. Beautiful! You should gather all your poems and publish them in a self-made artist book.

  4. i certainly empathise with the afternoon walk of wonder though our seasons are a mirror


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