Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An Enigmatic Thing

I have news.

I found a little studio to call home, to make my art.

It's a place that I have dreamed of, every day, probably for a few years.

And, finally, it came to me. Or I came to it.

The universe unfolded as such that we paired up.

And so,


I am feeling very happy that the surge of anticipation I have been feeling for weeks, has slightly abated. It was like a lump in my throat, an itch I couldn't scratch, just something. 

And there it was. 




I made a new necklace today and I'm very excited to share it, I love it, and how it turned out. I am working on a miniature library right now, and I just selected one of the books and made this out of it. I will replace it now so I am behind in the number count, but, as we do - get there in the end...

I'll be sharing more with you lovely people soon, so stay tuned! At least this time the gathering of things will not need to travel over the sea...

Now available on Etsy! Enigma.




  1. I'm so happy for you that you've found YOUR place!!!! It's so important!

  2. Fabulous!!! Very exciting to have a creation location to call your own. :)

  3. Thank you Lucie, Dawn & Sarah for your comments! Yes I am very happy about this space, it's a little rickety but I love it and can't wait to get in there. This little necklace sold overnight! :)


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