Saturday, February 9, 2013

of dreams

i lay there
still as can be
and let my mind fall deep inside itself
so to distract me,
if even slightly,

as i went deeper,
i heard the sound of my fingers softly running 
along the sides of prayer wheels
and in the near distance
monks chanting, in low monotonous tones

someone else's hands, letting two little bells,
gently touch,
in amidst it all,
the wind flapping past my ears

i was somewhere i had never been,
yet it felt too familiar.

deeper inside,
it changed to another world,
and i found myself in a field full of giant

i was walking under them,
feeling awestruck by their
 softness & protection.

flying past above my head, i also saw
giant bumble bees, the size of cats or dogs,
buzzing past like big soft furry toys
but alive,
alive and happy

all of this, began

filling my soul with breath

and breathe,
i do,
and remember this

for today.

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