Sunday, February 3, 2013


Some of you may or may not know, that I work part time as a wedding photographer over the summer. I work as a second shooter alongside wonderful award winning photographer Phillipa Karn. It's an exciting job which I very much enjoy, offering many challenges and experiences. I've been to some incredible locations and met some beautiful people along the way. For the most part these weddings are based on Waiheke Island, where I used to live.

Travelling to and from these locations are sometimes equally as exciting. It's not as simple as it was before, to tumble down the drive and into a car. Now I drive, walk and ferry to get there, which has become a time for me to think, look around, and reflect. I spent a long time wandering the city in Melbourne and Sydney with my camera and miss this, as I love to watch people, be in a crowd and observe human behaviour.

Mostly, I love to photograph it.

If I don't have my camera, I'll blink with my eyes, and pretend they are the shutters, clicking. 

I put the images away in my little mind's eye-darkroom and process them, archive them, remember them. I often write about these in my journal.

Sometimes i walk with my Ipod,
Other times i soak up the sounds of the city hum which i often don't hear (a good thing)
but oddly,
at times I like it.
I have a very old CD which I still love to listen to when in a crowd. I play it loud and move through the people. Didjworks, who I saw play live busking on the street in Byron Bay many years ago, and loved so much I bought their disc. I still run to it, and love it more now than I did then.

It's particularly wonderful for me, and almost meditative, to maintain a peaceful space while moving through an intensely busy crowd.

Last night, at dusk, I passed a very attractive young couple, obviously inlove, clutching hands. Deeply tanned from a long summer, travellers, wanderers, seated on a park bench watching the water. The next park bench another couple were seated, who seemed uncannily similar, yet about 40 years older. 

Did I pass the same couple, years on?
I smiled, 
it could have been them.

I passed the new overbridge,
glistening in the sunset

remembered binding little books 
on the boat

that tomorrow, I will move into my new art studio,
and know that i am following my bliss.

In my lovely sandals by Sandali.


  1. How many lives have you had before?
    I love this picture of the bridge! And your new studio looks magical! Is it in the middle of the forest?
    Ha,ha, I've been lurking Sandali shop for a while...

  2. Thanks Lucie. xo I am not sure how old my soul is, why do you ask.. :) Yes the studio is surrounded by trees and quite majestic. Funny as my house is similar. Sandali is great i have had 3 pairs of their shoes and worn them to death. Great price and so comfy. :) x

  3. i love the vibe of your new studio! it looks like a real creative haven.

    it's also nice to get a peak into how you are, how you look at the world around you.

    i've been thinking to ask you for a little interview for my blog - would you be interested?

    x Aniko

  4. What a lovely post Louise - I love the glimpses you offer into your creative world :). And OMG those Sandals! I am right now pondering which of 3 pairs I have fallen in love with to buy - thank you for the introduction to Sandali!


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