Thursday, February 21, 2013

Some Little Things

New creations have emerged from my studio... I'm working on some custom orders so won't be listing any large journals for a week at least. Meanwhile, I've been making some littlies. You can click on the link below each image, to take you to the store listing.

I'm enjoying the process of trying out new ideas, designs and sizes. Would love to know what you think! The top two are both part of my 'large size' miniature wearable books. When I try these on myself, I like the size of them, real statement pieces. I'm finally making use of some of those beautiful things I've been hiding away in boxes!

The last two are much thicker little books and filled with hand-torn tea-stained LINED pages! I like each to have their own little personality.

You might have noticed, also, that my smaller simple book necklaces are all now $32.

I hope you're all having a wonderful creative week. Me? Like most New Zealanders at the moment I've been battling those bi-plane mosquitoes and enjoying the a/c when I drive!


The Trinketeer

The Holey One

Tiny Turkoman


  1. love all your wee little books .. Romanticism with it's peek a boo lace is my favorite.

    Your fingers must ache after making something so small.

  2. Hi Louise,

    Beautiful creatures as always - I like the Trinketeer, it's interesting with it's stone and the leather crisscrossing over it - it's like a stone pendant which is a book which is a pendant :)

    I'm also always very drawn to the ones with little holes and interesting textiles peeking through. Love the lined pages!!!

  3. Such gorgeous mini delights!!Marvellous intricacies and adornments.

  4. Wow I love these cute little journals!Like from some fairytale!!


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