Wednesday, March 13, 2013

An amalgamation of t.h.i.n.g.s.

This new journal,
took me a good while to complete.
Lots of lots of stitching and rummaging and re-stitching,
staining folding pressing and, more stitching,
hand distressing the leather,
embossing it,
conditioning it...
and after throwing myself inside my large storage of fabrics, textiles and lace,
and my hands in all the little compartments which house my trinkety things,
it evolved.

I'd love to know your thoughts!

These random things come out of me every so often, and I am enjoying the process of working in my new space,
and how it is opening my mind.

(and hands!)

You can view this journal in my Etsy shop: The Wandering Gypsy


  1. I LOVE IT! Holy Schmoly it's awesome.

  2. well this very eclectic person really loves this gorgeous piece!!!! especially the florentine inside ~ Ooo yes indeedy!!!

  3. Very pretty and intriguing, each adornment tells a story, or one you can imagine... :)

  4. love how tactile it looks! reminds me of that amazing bird that builds a little getaway and adorns it with all sorts, but in a very artisanal way. i hope you can play this clip of them


I love to read your comments & thoughts!

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