Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Born of my hands, again...

wild wilderness weather,
leaves stick, persistently, to my shoes,
and unintentionally,
i carry them into the house,

only to pick them off the carpet,
when they are dry.

the trees that grew up the road, 
shed skin that found its way into my house.

i loved watching the secret life of plants, and learning about pollen,
how creatures and things carry it for thousands of miles
across vast mountainous terrain 
before it cross pollinates with another thing,
to make something else again,
with no 
human intervention.

maybe that is what is happening with the trees, round here.

these thoughts i have when on my daily wanderings, my meditations,
my moments
to myself.

and either side of them,
i made these things...

The Nomad
A Flower For Your Thoughts
Rusted Reverie
Emerald Dreams

The Daisy Doodler
The Little Chestnut


  1. Beautiful words and journals!! The daisy Doodler caught my eye!

  2. Beautiful thoughts and always beautiful work.

  3. Thank you all for your lovely comments. :)

  4. Your work is so scrumptuous, and I adore the handstitching!

  5. Beautiful meditations transferring into delightful creations!


I love to read your comments & thoughts!

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