Wednesday, August 7, 2013

an air of change

the day breaks, and my mind is full of last night's dream,
being swept down a river in an insanely strong current 
not fearing for my life, just yelling out 
to the faceless person on the shore line that,
 "wow, it's so strong!" 
i can now still feel the water 
sucking at me,
trying to swallow my legs,
as i battled to get out.

i'm not sure if I did.

in waking life, these days the only music i hear in my head is 
(this extract taken from Pina Bausch's mesmerizing & exquisite dance)

it seems to go with everything - 
my constitution, emotion, energy
and the change in the air.

incidentally it also happens to be
one of my favourite compositions
resurrecting nearly every emotion of
human nature,
in one piece.

Stravinsky, what a daring, talented
man you were.

only a step outside is telling that
spring is well on its way.
something which fills me with gratitude.

warmth, i have missed you.
the sun kisses my face, warms my being,
once again.
little creatures come back to life in the bush,
birds are singing.

here is a little insight into my studio, late yesterday afternoon.



  1. That was a beautiful piece of poetry! "...Warmth, I have missed you." Memorable!


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