Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I have officially tasted spring, and now I can't get enough.

Those intoxicating smells from nature,
 that filter into my lungs as I run, walk, 
or fling my head out the car window 
(not too much of the latter).

This time of year is always my favourite. 
Crisp mornings and nights, longer warm days.

All of this blue sky, fresh breeze and scattered wispy clouds, 
have inspired my latest creation, 'Blue Sky Days'. 

A non leather binding, this sketchbook is created with some vintage book cloth that I have had in my possession for (far) too long, and finally, I have put it to use. I enjoyed working with this as a change and you can expect to see more of it in my online stores.

Now available here on Etsy.


  1. The details are what make this a piece to hold on to forever. I love the colors, the faded and torn pages--everything!

  2. I'm enjoying the change in season too - your lovely new journal captures the mood beautifully :)

  3. Your creation is swoonworthy gorgeous. That blue is perfect. and your stitches so lovely. Wonderful creation. My season is changing quickly to fall, it to is very lovely.

  4. What a beautiful book, simple and yet so special. I wish spring would come instead of fall in my side of the world too :) Enjoy this lovely time of the year! xoxo


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