Sunday, October 13, 2013


a month passed. 
it seemed like a year.

i made alot of books.
walked and ran alot in my old shoes.
got struck by bronchitis,
and hazed my way through days in a silly 
until one day,
wham it was gone,
and I was back.

so i made more books
and ran and walked more in my new shoes.
i saw some live music,
watched some movies,
gave up coffee for lemon water,
and then gave up lemon water for coffee.

i fell in and out and back in love again.
with many things...

spring was born,
i turned another year older,
feeling a little bolder..

and free.

i m a g e r y 

Two journals featuring vintage linen.
The one on the right is still up for adoption.

Two journals, made and sold in a few days.

Some recently sold creations

Three new creations, on Etsy and Felt.

Two wearables (one sold) and a leather & linen journal.

Today, in the studio, in my creative space.

The making of (more) things, a few dragonflies...

Listening to this. On repeat.


  1. I love your prose, and your creations are divine.

  2. Lovely refreshing post with my indispensable morning brew. I've failed to replace the coffee a few times myself. It's too good.

  3. You amazingly make everyday life poetry .. and make the world a much better place with your fabulous books.. Bravo!

  4. nice poetry and beautiful creations : )

  5. Gorgeous rich leathers, paper and coloured flowers! Beautiful, I can imagine the textures and aromas. Utterly unique.

  6. i didn't realize you've had bronchitis - good to hear you've recovered now, sounds like it was is hard to give up, it's totally my drug too. love the astounding array of beautiful creations you produce! x

  7. what beautiful words, images and creations. A treat to look at, and read slowly with such pleasure. Yes such a treat. I am glad you are feeling better - I hope it continues.


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