Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Studio Shenanigans

 I've been tinkering with a variety of different projects at once, as one does, when one has a myriad of different materials and tools at one's dispense... anywhere and everywhere, provided it is in immediate proximity, which most of these things are.

....Life in tiny spaces....

I've been relishing in the beauty of vintage stamps, for I have somewhat of a large collection of these things, and have lately been incorporating them into my work. So, lots of cutting, peeling and sticking, over and over again... has been going on.

making collages with vintage Australian stamps.

The first part of this little book is complete.
The Little Travelogue
The Little Travelogue
The warmer weather allows me to have the door wide open most of the day, to let the breeze flow in to my working space. This inevitably brings with it an array of winged creatures which find themselves trapped against the glass windows, buzzing madly, creating a self-inflicted frenzy. This is most distressing to listen to, if not for the winged creature itself.

After capturing and freeing a bee earlier this morning, I attempted another capture in the afternoon only to find that the distress signal was one of being tangled in a sticky death-bound web of a spider who was about to be filled for lunch.

The culprit, waiting, as a spider does.

Not a honey bee!

I climbed on a chair and set about freeing the bee, which had already been tangled in an unimaginable amount of silky strong thread that I knew would be nearly impossible to get off this little baby's legs.

But I tried.

I even foolishly told it to "keep still",

As you do.

Please! I'm trying to save you.

I had two blunt tools that I was very gently trying to use to get the web off its feet. In the past I had success with this operation on a praying mantis.
The saved Mantis, looking very satisfied and happy with me.
Not so successful this time. 

To my dismay, the bee was in such distress, and although I had managed to get quite alot of the thread off his legs, he secreted his sting - I saw it emerge, knowing that now, he had only one fate. Due to a bee's wriggly nature and my time limit disappearing before my eyes, I was unable to take his portrait.

I quickly gathered him up in a tiny pot and freed him out into the air,

so at least,

just for a moment,

he knew freedom,

one last time.


  1. Beautiful work, Louise, and the story of the little bee had me transfixed to the bittersweet end!

  2. The other day Gene saw a big bug flying straight into a web, it caused quite an impact that the spider bounced off it's web. If spiders have feelings, it must have been embarassing.

    Have a good day my friend.


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