Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

It's been swell, really.

I'll miss you SO MUCH.

This is my high level of cynicism at play - (thou shalt not pay attention.)

Despite the challenges thrown in my path,
 I am feeling quite proud of my achievements -
 with growing my business a little, 
day by day, 
and finding my way along this path. 
Developing my practice... 
letting down my guard, 
breaking 'rules' / boundaries - 
such limiting things.

I've grown to be more grateful of this little life, 
and how rich it is... the peace & quiet, 
the gifts of nature, 
being creative, 
trying to wear my heart
on my sleeve...

I always wanted to have a job
that i loved,
so to never work a day in my life,
but it seems that even if you love it,
you still have to work.

If I am feeling lost,
tired or broken,

I'll go for a walk,
and into the studio,
create a while,
and I'm centered again.

It's the way it is.
So Bibliographica & me, 
we'll stick together,
I think.

And see in the new year
with GUSTO.

Happy new year to all my lovely dear readers.

Here are some new creations, you can find in my Etsy store.

The Miniature Ledger




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  1. YES YES YES! I agree with all you have said here. I too am so grateful for this peaceful little life of mine. I work towards finding more simplicity in it and at the same time more complexity. Creating centres me and gives me a peace that I struggle to explain. It is just how it is. Best wishes for 2014 and may some of the challenges ahead also bring you joy and peace.
    Your new books - are so swoon worthy! The worn leather on that miniature ledger is so beautiful to look at I can only imagine what it feels like to the touch. . . and the zig zaggy stitches along with the punched dots on antiquity - oh my what a delight.


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