Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Quiet Moments

I'm going to be sure to get some quiet moments this summer, 
to write in my journal, 
as I always endeavor to do. 
This process brings me back home to myself, 
even if I don't feel like writing,
 or much like what I write - 
or if my writing looks like a drunkard tired fool,
 compared to the day before -
when it was small and dainty. 

I write anyway.

I once told someone I was not going to do this that or the other,
 'because of what might happen' -
 and that someone told me, 
'why not do it anyway?'.

Well I think this may be the best advice I have been given, 
as I have used it in so many areas of my life.

What will people think? 
Who cares!
What will happen? 
Who knows?
What happens if my journal does not look like Shakespeare? 
You are not Shakespeare!
Whatever it is you want to do but are not doing it, 
just try doing it anyway.

On this note,

A new journal I have just completed and listed in my Etsy store.
I love this book. 
I made it when my mind was in a silly stupor. 
It's funny how creativity unlocks itself in the most fragile times. 
I am very happy with the results. 
I love mismatched things - 
such as a table with 4 different chairs,
 a couch with 5 different cushions, 


Quiet Moments now available HERE

Quiet Moments


  1. The result of mismatching is harmony and abandon, and your quiet moment journal is stunning!

  2. swoon, that is such a delight! love the surprise of the peak-a-boo fabric edging!! and the embroidered forget-me-nots - someone's got to right a memoir in this book.

    and that advice is something everybody needs to remember - including me! :)

    wishing you a lovely festive period! x


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