Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winged Creatures

... they have found me again.

I got into the myriad of stamps, in my ridiculously large collection, and set aside all the ones I could find which had wings. Fairies, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and some other winged creatures.

I laid all the prepared paper out before me, tea-stained and pressed. Each stamp met the ink pad for a moment, then moved to each signature, as I stamped away...

I pondered this, for a time, for it looked so systematical,
 yet at the same time - 
rather sporadic, scattered and misplaced. 

How can this be? 
This is the way I work. 

It's everywhere all at once, but nowhere -
then suddenly, something evolves
and within the chaos, 
a book is made!

All the while, lots of other projects are on the go, 
behind the scenes... 
there may be paper soaking in tea downstairs, 
undressed books waiting for clothes, 
wet glued spines waiting to dry, 
paper in the press, 

I finished this old weathered journal and love it. 
It's got a particularly distinct rugged appearance, 
of the reclaimed leather which is thick, soft, 
and very old looking. 
I rummaged through little pieces for a good while 
to find three the same, 
or at least,

Now listed in my Etsy store, find it HERE.


  1. Oh so beautiful journal with flying creatures! Somebody's thoughts will be flying on their wings :)))

  2. the beauty of the creative flow. it's mysterious and utterly satisfying. it's unnerving as well, and sometimes i'm afraid of failures to the level of deep anxiety...but it's so nice when the mystery of the unknown is allowed to materialize. i'm a bit jealous of your ease :) it's a gorgeous book again! xx


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