Monday, March 17, 2014

Blue Yonder, No. 2

So I've gone bananas over this fabric, this is the 3rd book to feature it. I've also made a little necklace with some stitched to the front.

I've been putting this together for a few days. It's a rather lengthy process and I do enjoy it - perhaps I deliberately elongate it.

This reclaimed leather journal, Blue Yonder, No.2 - is a rugged looking thing and reminiscent of the sea, sand & sky -

Check it out in my Etsy store here.

Meanwhile, I've been staining little scraps of linen, and creating some vintage mottled green pages, for an up & coming journal, which I aim to complete tomorrow.



  1. That is mind-blowing! Unbelievably beautiful--Louise you are a genius!

  2. This indigo dyed fabric reminds me so much of cyanotype. Wonderful work Lou, keep it up :))

  3. Beautiful blue, diving into cool blue sea under vast blue sky, calm bright peace of summer.


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