Monday, March 24, 2014

Indulging in Linen

There is a pile of it, old linen - 
kept in the corner of my studio in a little wooden box;
the lid of which has lately stayed constantly ajar.

From where the radio sits in the windowsill, the box sits below on a ledge -
next to the iron, $3 large saucepan & $5 kettle -
which make for my tea-staining-station.

I won't mention too much of the other side (imagine mismatched vessels holding numerous leather scraps, piles of decorative & vintage papers, thread, tools, bits & bobs, etc...)

This weekend I left the leather alone, and pulled out a couple of delightful vintage embroidered linen pieces to create these two little notebooks.

These books are so primitive, with imperfections & rusticity. They emanate character and I have become rather drawn to them. The size is a little more narrow than my other books. I imagine sitting under a tree in a park or on a beach, writing my thoughts down in fine black ink. Perhaps someone will do this, when the books are adopted out.

I'm not sure which one I like better, perhaps the blue one - 'Tea on Sunday' - which sold immediately! 


  1. Blue or red, they both sold! And they are both stunning!!! I enjoyed the introduction you gave to this so much. Your book is in my hands every day.

  2. Thank you Dawn! Yes I loved making these little ones. I wasn't sure what folk would make of them, but the proof is in the pudding! Will be making more... :)

  3. wow these look very different! love the blue one, it makes me think of spring at the seaside in Corwall England, and the clotted cream scones and tea they serve in the cafes... it seems no matter what materials you touch they turn into gorgeous books! x

  4. Gorgeous scene you paint, Aniko! My kind of thoughts exactly, except add in wildflower meadows, straw widebrim sunhats and long billowing lacy skirts in warm sunshine with crickets chirping, and the sound of the sea.
    Beautiful work with these linen books! Such depth of thought and creation, marvellous.


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