Monday, March 31, 2014

Lured by Linen

I've been loving dipping into my vintage & antique linen stash of late, and the leather has taken a back seat for now.... probably just for a few days :)

Here I'll share with you some new little books I have made. They are all available in my Etsy store (the link is provided below each photo). Do you like this little side track of mine? Perhaps I'm bringing out my softest side.... :)  I do love delicate things, pretty girly things, vintage fabrics & colours, botanical themes, organic materials, everything old & worn, things with a history. As much as I say this, it would be a real thrill to see a bearded bloke with tattoos wandering down the street carrying one of my feminine journals in his hand. 

People are never what they seem.

Floral Rust

Mini Minted Pastels

Days in White Linen

Tomorrow it is April. And I feel glad of it. 

I welcome the cooler temperatures, the cosy nights, fireplaces...


  1. These linen-covered pieces tug on my heartstrings, Louise.

    About a man walking around with one--it's highly possible. Men love beautiful things as much as women, and something as personal as a journal doesn't have to be masculine to attract a man--I think.

  2. These linen embroidered journals are delightful, delicate, exquisite! Here in my corner of wood is spring coming and these delicate journals are like the first flowers blooming

  3. Oh everything you make is so full of beauty. These are a delight to look at, I can only imagine what a delight they are to hold. I too am happy for the arrival of April - the afternoon temperatures are beginning to rise above the freezing mark and with them the beginning of the melting of the snow. As your place is cooling down, mine is warming up.

  4. you're right .. people are rarely what they seem .. but I am thankful for the spice of life!

    beautifully . beautifully . your talent know no bounds... :)

  5. i like the vision of the tattoed guy walking down the street with one of your linen beauties. i imagine him a bohemian baker of gourmet bread and rolls, and he'd be writing his bread inspirations and new recipe creations into his much treasured vintage linen book. :)
    have a nice april Louise x

  6. Thank you all so much for your lovely feedback. I've found it very encouraging... I've been rummaging back through the leather again the last few days and darting about in my apron armed with an atomizer, so I hope to bring something fruitful to the fore soon. :) x


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