Monday, March 10, 2014

Tapestry Tales

Tapestry Tales, I have now completed, and it is listed in my Etsy store.

not quite finished here... and the babies are another project...

the finished piece

8 inches high, 6 inches wide...

antique french accents...

olde-worldly tea-stained pages...

thick, rustic and unique...
more on the horizon,
designs in mind...


  1. Love it! These tapestry flowers are exquisite!

  2. As always, you amaze me, Louise. Every detail is luscious.

  3. Pure artistry and, like the best things in life, a seamless tapestry of creation and inspiration. This piece transports me in time and space. . . and I would prefer to stay awhile instead of returning to the work day at hand. . . but creative duty calls. Thank you for the journey. . .


  4. Beautiful to look at and beautifully made.

  5. Lucie, Nicolas & Seth - thank you so much for your feedback. I love making these larger books and will continue to return to them a couple of times a month... it's always a challenge and great to hear what you all think. :) x

  6. absolutely gorgeous .. right down to the smallest detail... wow!!


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