Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Yellow Garden

A new book has been completed.

the yellow garden
I took a few days off creating actual books, however I did intermittently visit the studio to tear, stain & press paper, so when I began creating again, I could have a big pile ready for me to fold and stitch.

The preparation of the materials used to create my books often takes up to 5-6 times the actual time of binding the book itself. It's possible I could move that scale up to 10 times for some books. When I get to the stitching stage I feel much excitement, and while stitching - nothing could disturb me; I'm lost in a mode of my own.

I had this same feeling of 'losing-myself-whilst-feeling-centered' in the darkroom. I also feel it while I'm running. I have found it again through binding however it is different as I am not working with imagery. This is something I miss The more I miss it, the more I crave it, and the closer I become to fully opening a door that remains slightly ajar... 

Like a secret garden, down a long labyrinth, and i'm in there somewhere lost, and can't find the door.

Every day I get further along the myriad of lanes and winding roads. I just have to keep going. Don't we all?

I had a visit from my lovely sister who I have not seen for almost a year. Along with our gorgeous mother, the three of us went to see 'The Boss' live in concert, it was an absolute blast. This family time was very nurturing, and wonderful for me and I hope for her too. We tend to get so lost in our lives and at the day's end it's your family that matters the most! They love you warts and all.

So here is the yellow garden.

I've also created another batch of vintage blue stained paper - it's going to be an interesting journal and I have begun to work on the leather cover... I hope to complete this soon. 


  1. Oh how beautiful is your Yellow Garden! And your words as always also beautiful. I love to look and look at your beautiful photographs. I too understand the feeling you talk about, but right now I struggle to find myself at so many forks in the road that I don't know which one to take that will bring me to where I need to go. But sometimes the detours are so satisfying that I tell myself not to stress over it.
    And yes family time is what matters the most. I am so fortunate to live close to my parents, and 2 of my 4 siblings.
    Have a wonderful week, and enjoy the bliss filled creative bits.

  2. I feel much the same way about family...and that with the losing yourself in your work, or reaching a 'zone'--that is the best. And you can tell it because your work is beautiful and true.

  3. I love reading your blog Louise. I guess staining and making the paper has a lot to do with the darkroom work :)

    Beautiful journal ♥ and I am looking forward to see the journal with the blue stained paper.


  4. Thank you Alex. You got it right there, I only realised this myself a couple of years ago. That the pages were blank.. but I was doing a similar thing. The journal has sold and the blue paper journal will be revealed today! :) xx

  5. Kim - yes, it is all in the detours, and the details we find on those detours... if the road were straight and direct I have a feeling we wouldn't take it ;)

    Dawn - thank you so much, that means alot coming from you and I also see this trait in your work. It's an expression of self. x

  6. Very beautiful journal! The unique and intricate detailing and skill is always astounding and makes us all smile a Cheshire smile. 'Twas a special family time with the Boss. :) xxx

  7. This journal is insanely beautiful... and your words, as usual, are equally so. I love your thoughtful approach to every step of the process. I can totally relate to the feelings you describe - of getting absolutely absorbed in a creative process, and of fumbling along through this maze, this labyrinth, with only our intuition to guide us. Thanks for phrasing it so beautifully.

  8. Louise,

    Your work inspires on so many levels! I have been wrestling with a long term project lately (a slew of them really, not my forte as I can often let them get lost in the rush to create for custom orders and the shops) which is part journal making part storytelling, part miniature fairy world creation. . . I just knew if I dropped by here I'd be inspired to forge ahead and so it is. Thank you for creating such loveliness and inspired work. :)



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