Thursday, May 22, 2014

By The Sea

I visited the wild west coast on the weekend. The sand was deep, damp and nourishing on the soles of my feet. Ocean roar filled me to the brim; nothing quite like that sound. Somehow it makes me ache inside - a good kind of ache. When I took my trousers off at the day's end, black sand sprinkled onto the carpet after being trapped in the folds of fabric where I had rolled them up.

I need more of this.

More silence.

I've been working in the studio just listening to classical music this week, just quietly in the background, so I can still hear the birds and children playing down the road. I manage to stay in a creation zone this way, rather than hearing lots of voices all at once on other stations.

Sometimes the radio is just an endless din. No matter what station is on. That's when I know I need silence. Even a short half hour fast walk in the bush will clear that up for me. Then I'm back again. The concentration taken to create my work is more draining than I realise, I can kill four hours solid and not notice time flying. Of course, my watch is still stuck on 7:46 am and has been for a couple of months, so I don't look at the time much. I kind of like it.

I'm emerging from my hermit house to go to a local craft market this weekend, so I've been pretty busy in making-mode. However I managed to get something finished to put into my Etsy store.

Inspired again by the sea, hence the name. Another beach wedding, perhaps? Who knows... I love this fabric, just a smither left too... which I'll save, since I save pretty much everything!


  1. Utterly beautiful! You never cease to amaze me. I would love to have a wall full of your work.

  2. I share your cravings for the sound of the waves and the need for silence. I agree and feel that to create with your hands can pull you in a timeless zone, I love those timeless periods :D
    This journal is awesome, a pure beauty!

  3. nature and the elements can be the best inspiration source and the best healers too! glad to hear you are wrapped up in creative vibes again xx

  4. Oh yes - nature and silence, two of my most precious things.
    And this beautiful book! I love how you give these lovely cross stitched and embroidered pieces a new showing. Creative time has not been available for me, and I am patiently busy knowing it will come again - it must, because it is part of who I am.


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