Friday, May 2, 2014

The Miniature Blue Library

This has been a work in progress for a while now, and I'm thrilled to be able to now share it with you. I took a few photos along the way... as it was a project on the side lines that I kept returning to in spurts.

15 miniature books (all about 1 inch high) filled with my vintage-blue stained pages,
bound in reclaimed espresso brown leather:

The miniature library.

Staining the paper, stage two drying...

Tiny blue books, unglued.

More tiny blue books, unglued.

A work in progress... not all of these are blue here, but then I had the idea...

A blurry studio mugshot... (yes, I totally butcher my cutting mats...)


  1. oh wow…. absolutely fabulous!!

  2. Louise, when I clicked for a closer view, I really became immersed into the work involved in making this miniature library. Each piece is immaculate! As a whole it's incredible. BEAUTIFUL and impressive.

  3. little itty bitty teeny weeny masterpieces!

  4. how very beautiful, love the duck egg blue papers. x

  5. What a delightful library! A beautiful box full of such treasures! I love all of your beautiful images as well. A delight for the eyes, I can only imagine the delight to open each little treasure.

  6. I totally missed these Louise - such gorgeous treasures! Glad I re-discovered them.


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