Friday, June 13, 2014

Moments from my Journal

Morning after the storm..
I'm in the bush,
the smell of earth, mud & piles of damp leaves,
fills my soul.
after the rain,
the river runs loud.

I have thoughts of
billy tea,
with a friend.

Later on, I saw a little girl walking in front of her mother.
She was holding a transparent umbrella covered in coloured flowers
The sun was out, and she twirled it as she walked.
Just far enough ahead, for her to seem like she was by herself.

I could see, from the side
the look of pride and wonder
on her face.

I remembered how that felt.

Early evening at the beach, after again being in the bush,
I was wind swept, and
like sleet,
light rain pricked my face.

As I ran up the stairwell back home,
my cheeks were tickled by leaves.

I smiled and said
thank you.


  1. wow! that photography is stunning!

  2. ...a most beautiful poem! I can remember through your words...

  3. Your story shared so beautifully here in your words and photograph. They made me stop and take the time to enjoy.


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