Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dreaming in Emerald

A little archaeological dig in cupboards of sorts produced a piece of leather that I thought had long ended.

The thrill elongated over days.

I got to recreate a past journal and use the last large piece (if this is large?) of this fervent colour to my Etsy store, which - is a little more colourful than it was a couple of years ago, might you agree?

I noticed this recently, it was not an intentional thing. I just let myself go where I will with my art, as with any artist it is an extension of self, a wander of the mind, an amalgamation of self -

Exploded with what materials are at hand.

Perhaps I am unveiling some rainbows. 

This morning walking in the sunshine infused grey sky, 
I saw a giant rainbow -
a super-rainbow - like a super-moon; 
spreading itself over the ocean vista before me.

Emerald Dreams - back in my Etsy store.

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