Monday, July 21, 2014

Forgotten Worlds

While creating this book, 
I imagined I had stumbled across an old trunk
 in some forgotten room,
- another time & place, perhaps another life..

Inside, I found this book -
it was full of words in black ink -
amidst which lay clippings from a garden,
 sandwiched between the pages.

In my mind's eye,
 I went through & intricately erased everything on the pages, 
yet left all the age, wear & tear in 
it's wonderful mysterious glory
 on the book wherever I could find it.


  1. beautiful beautiful! i love the spirit and soul you put into your books x

  2. Your creations always transport me to another place and time. In a world that is progressively losing it's tactile connection with books and paper, you are a wonderful creator of pieces that, even in imagery, hint at the delight awaiting anyone who holds one in their hands.

    The stories to be written and the magic yet to be experienced in life are not accessed through a keyboard or touch screen but are found in the expressions and imaginings that are written through the soul. . .

  3. yes, I can feel the magic of your creativity--it's so palpable!


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