Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wind, and so on.

So wild it is.

I walked this afternoon, as briskly as I could right into a headwind. 

When I got back, I had no thoughts left.


Wide eyed.

En route, a cyclist passed me with the same wide eyed look I knew was forming on my face; he'd ridden through puddles, obviously, at an accelerated speed, for his entire front was completely mud-splattered, including his face - wide eyes and all. 

I thought this was absolutely fantastic, and smiled most of the way back. I later saw another cyclist with this same mud splatter all over his back. 

I wondered what I looked like from behind. Perhaps a good round of puddle stomping would have been the recipe. I'll throw that in next time. The wind sure isn't going anywhere.

I created my first batch of tea-stained paper today, it's underway and will be dried tomorrow upon my return. I'd pre-stained a whole pile of paper before moving so I could just get on with working once I'd gotten settled in. I didn't have far to move. Literally only a few meters. But moving, is moving.

Some new work is emerging out of this space, and I'm enjoying the process, finally, carving out a little niche in there, 



There is a moon tonight, it's almost full -

I am waiting, 


Spring Scriptures

Next post, I'll tell you another story, about this amazing mix of delightful fabrics - hand stitched by the wonderful Dawnwhich I carry with me everywhere full of essentials. 


  1. Change and transitioning sometimes promote the most creativity. Always love to see what's coming out of your studio!

  2. lovely book, wonderful story- took a ride on my scooter through an alley yesterday. so many things to see in an alley

  3. nice post Louise, full of feeling.
    and a beautiful book again, you make the two worlds of embroidered cloth and rugged leather come together like old friends!


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