Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back in Miniature

I completed this wee book yesterday, I thought of the covers sleeping all night in the old green press and couldn't wait to fish them out and start stitching. There was some fantastic classical music on the radio and each stitch became like some sort of symphony.

On other things, I woke in the small hours of the morning yesterday, at 3:30 am to be precise, and proceeded to write 4 pages in my small notebook with an expiring Biro pen about a subject that I may bring to my blog soon. 

This used to happen to me alot in the past; I'd keep a book by my bed incase I'd wake from a dream and want to write it all down - as by morning, it would have been erased from my memory. 

I still have this little book. I shall endeavor to find it....

Spring Scriptures in Miniature, now available in my Etsy store.


  1. That's gorgeous, Louise! What a vibrant and beloved little book.

  2. Lovely book! enjoy reading your blog.


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